This is your first time at this restaurant. You're hungry but nothing looks good. Legend says there's a secret menu item... Can you find the hidden menu item?
Puzzle Menu is a puzzle book inspired by takeout menus. I designed and produced this book to distribute at the puzzle meetups I like to go to. These meetups often take place at restaurants.
This game is best enjoyed in pairs due to the variety of puzzles involved. The creation of these puzzles was guided by Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. I often turn to this theory when creating team games to ensure the puzzles are balanced for the different smarts people have.
Nick Baxter helped edit some puzzles and distributed the book at Gathering 4 Gardner.
"A delicious assortment! It is rare to see so many well-done puzzles, and such good use of the medium. The variety ensures there is something to match the taste of every puzzler, and there are some real bangers."
- Brett Kuehner, aka "That Guy With The Puzzles"
"Puzzle Menu is an engaging 8-page puzzle book, with a structure normally associated with escape rooms and puzzle hunts. As you search for the hidden menu item, you'll encounter a wide range of puzzle styles and difficulties, appropriate for solo or group-solving. Funbi was an excellent collaborator -adjusting content and handling production logistics - making it a breeze to present the Puzzle Menu as a gift to the G4G conference attendees."
- Nick Baxter, Puzzlemaster

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