Morty is an all-in-one escape room app that helps players find, plan, and track games.
They created a pre-launch contest in order to get signups for download. As part of this contest, they wanted to release puzzles to generate buzz and engagement.
I designed 3 puzzles based on the pain points the app was solving for players. In the puzzles, I used relatable satirical humor to establish rapport with the enthusiast crowd.

Never do another spreadsheet puzzle when you download Morty!

In an effort to encourage users to check the "feed" portion of the app, Morty released branded puzzles to drive engagement.
I designed and produced 6 ready-to-post puzzles for the feed. The puzzles had varying difficulties and concepts to test for what kind of posts received the most engagement.
I designed and produced an ARG for internal use. The game uses 5 gif puzzles planted in a fake email account and several unlisted videos. This leads to a final interactive webpage.
During the soft launch of Morty, the team wanted to create a "backdoor" for people to unlock access to the app through a series of puzzles. I designed and worked with their developers to produce it.

Here's how Morty's community members can help each other!

"From start to finish, I had such a fun time playing the ARG game Bill designed for Morty. It didn’t feel like I was just solving some everyday, run-of-the-mill puzzle you can find on every other app. This felt like I had fallen into a rabbit hole of adventure and challenge! The design was seamless, the story was top-notch, and everything felt completely integrated. And, most of all, it was so much fun!"
- Marlee Delia, Shine on Collective
"I really enjoyed the puzzles in Morty’s newsfeed. The puzzles on Morty’s newsfeed gave people in different locations something to enjoy together. There was quite a lot of buzz about them in the social channels. The puzzles helped add an extra layer of excitement to Morty’s newsfeed. It made me want to check the app to try the new daily puzzle."
- Jen Reinbolz, Morty user

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