The time players spend waiting in the lobby can be used to enhance their experience of the escape room. Frame Teaser is a collection of lobby puzzles designed to spark conversations about team dynamics. It helps players recognize their strengths before entering the game.
I designed and produced the puzzles in response to my own experience of observing people play escape rooms. Many games don't have the proper onboarding to get new players to work together. This results in people struggling to make enough progress in the first 15 minutes. This is a solution that can minimize the "struggle period" without making changes to the game.
The puzzles were tested in public spaces to calibrate for being an accurate assessment tool for the traits listed in each profile. Only the puzzles with the proper balance of approachability and difficulties were selected.
In addition to the puzzles, an easy-to-follow guide is included in the digital packet. The guide contains everything from printing tips to gamemastering tips.
The characters and backgrounds were illustrated by Marko Horvat.
"This is great, put it in our lobby today and customers loved it."
- PapaPanic on Reddit
"Funbi's lobby puzzles are such a great way to way to get teammates talking about their roles and strengths before entering an escape room together.  Think Professor Layton meets the Sorting Hat! The tasks are for all kinds of thinkers - challenging yet simple - and the bite-sized puzzling session gave my brain a chance to warm-up before our 60 minute adventure."
- Amanda Dupuy aka Charmandacure

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