Funbi Games celebrates play as a universally shared language. We make games that connect players with people they care about. Through the collaborative process of playtesting between makers and players, we learn what it's like to bee someone else.
Design with Purpose
Diagnose the situation
Identify what success looks like and the steps in a player's journey from before playing to after playing.
Utilize the resources
Harmonize the talents and resources of the team to create a unique experience reflective of the skills of the people that made it.
Think of everyone
Keep gameplay engaging for all by mixing tasks of varying difficulty levels and puzzle types.
Respect the People
Value players' time and attention
Balance effort and reward to maximize player investment.
Empower facilitators
Listen to the feedback of people running the games and free up their efforts to deliver the best player experience.
Listen to collaborators
Be ready to adapt the vision to reflect the team's voices.
Love your Games
Design for lasting impact
Create polished games with unique identities that are hard to replicate.
Provide proper support
Allocate resources to maintain the look and feel of the game.
Evolve with time
Collect feedback and adapt the game continuously.
"Bill crafts games that are not merely fun - they are intricate works of art. His brilliance knows no bounds, finding ways to shine through in every medium he touches."
- Tommy Honton, Experience Designer
"Bill is a phenomenal puzzle designer who is creative, funny, and super attentive to both the user experience and the outcome his client is looking for. I would highly recommend working with him!"
- Andy Bauch, Co-Founder & CEO at Morty
"For years I have been bringing Bills games into my events and recommending his work to others. He is a calm, diligent, and thoughtful creator. He has a well-honed sense of when to push boundaries and get creative, and when to play it safe. Game and puzzle design is all about knowing when to be bold and when to tie an experience back to the familiar."
- David Spira, Room Escape Artist

"Funbi Games has a deep understanding about what makes games both interesting and fun. I first experienced their work at a gaming industry convention and couldn't believe their tabletop experience was more engaging and immersive than many escape rooms I had played. My business partner and I knew on the spot we had to hire them to design our company's next game. And now we're planning on hiring them for the next one too."
- James Cobalt, President, Clever Adventure, Inc.
"Bill exceeded our expectations with his professionalism and creativity when we worked with him on creating virtual escape rooms. Bill was very collaborative, great with communication, and had amazing attention to detail which made working with him seamless and enjoyable. We would highly recommend working with Bill to anyone seeking to create an immersive and captivating escape room adventure!"
- Demi Yu, Co-Founder at The Virtual Breakout

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