You are invited to a special preview of Chef ChainFood's concept restaurant exclusive for the JoCo cruise. Only those with an open mind will get to experience his final course hidden inside the buffet. Can you find the hidden menu item before the buffet closes?
Escape Buffet is a custom high-capacity escape game created for the JoCo Cruise 2023. It was played by over 450 attendants over the 3 days at sea. The game features puzzles that automatically reset themselves with 3 sets of alternating answers to accommodate multiple groups to play in the same room. Having staggered entry times allow us to accommodate people with varying schedules.
Due to the location of the event, we minimized puzzles with higher failure rates. Puzzles should not have too many loose parts. 3D printing was chosen so we could prepare spares for anything that could be lost.
The client wanted a sharable experience. Photography is allowed throughout the game and everyone walked away with a customized consumable souvenir. The puzzles intended for photography were designed to minimize spoilers. Having alternate versions of the game also made the game less susceptible to getting spoiled.
It was important that this event was as accessible as possible. The game can be played without hearing and color vision. Those that struggle with mobility can still enjoy the game in a seated position. The difficulty was tuned so that everyone could enjoy the full game. Additional "VIP" content was available for those that finished early. Most guests used the full 30-min playtime.
This production was created in collaboration with Kevin Burns. I pitched and designed the game. I handled communications with JoCo and graphics/video production. Kevin built the electronic sign and modeled/produced the 3D-printed food props. We gamemastered the event together as a team of two on-site.
"The perfect amount of challenge. The puzzles fit the theme really well, and I can't wait for what comes next year."
- Justin L, JoCo Cruise attendee

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