F5 is a 1000-sq ft indoor escape room that confronts players with an impending tornado. It was awarded "Best Immersive Experience" of 2021 by Escape The Roomers. 
This game is a remake of Trap Door's original F5 game created in 2017. The original game was an obstacle course escape room inspired by the owner's CrossFit background. This remake focused on creating a physically demanding experience that is more accessible and a puzzling experience that is more narratively driven.
The layout of the game is integral to making an accessible obstacle course escape room. The points of interest are spread across the large cornfield space. The puzzle paths are designed to make the players travel through the cornfield maze in the middle many times with different motivations and added twists each time. It was important to make the physical activities interesting and narrative-driven so they feel fun rather than punishing.
I was the sole game designer on this project. This game was produced during the height of the pandemic with a tight deadline. I collaborated remotely with Trap Door's internal production team to find solutions as supply issues arose.
"...there was a joy in running to and fro through this corn maze. Once the gameplay got rolling, it flowed forward, even as we moved back and forth and all around. F5 built up to an exciting, thematic conclusion. The finale delivered."
- Lisa Spira on Room Escape Artist
"This escape room puzzle is the first of its kind that we've attempted and also involves some physical challenges. You'll definitely feel like you had a workout after this room.
- Brandon Chow on Escape The Roomers

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